Every night, hundreds of Muslim women and children in Canada face homelessness, poverty, and trauma. We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how.


Who We Are

Sakeenah Homes is a sheltering project which seeks to provide a secure, peaceful, and safe environment for Muslim women and children to start their lives afresh. We are one of the only sheltering projects in Canada to offer remote casework to clients.


Our Impact

Since 2018, we have successfully opened two transitional homes for Muslim women and their children. We have also expanded our reach to hundreds of women and children across Canada by offering remote casework to them.



women and children helped

Through our transitional homes and remote casework, we have helped more than 750 women and children find safe housing and access counselling services.




We have helped women and children in more than 30 cities across Canada.



community partners

We have partnered with more than 15 organizations and companies to be able to provide the best services to the people we help.


Our Programs

Sakeenah Homes not only has transitional homes in which Muslim women and their children can live, we also offer remote casework to individuals who cannot, or do not, want to reside in the transitional homes.


Transitional homes

Sakeenah Homes has two transitional homes in Canada. One in Mississauga, ON and the other in Scarborough, ON.


We provide our clients with counselling and therapy to heal from their pasts and set out a positive outlook for their future.

remote casework

We offer remote casework across Canada and help with every service we offer in-house for our remote clients as well.

reconciliation services

We are the only sheltering project to offer reconciliation services to clients when they wish to reconcile and it is safe to do so. To date, we have helped more than 15 families reconcile.


If I had known about Sakeenah Homes sooner, I would have escaped the physical and psychological abuse a lot sooner than I did. I regret keeping my children in that toxic environment.

- Sara Khan (Pseudonym)