Each night, hundreds of Muslim women and children in Canada go through traumatic experiences stemming from abuse, immigration issues, homelessness, and poverty. The solution to these issues is not always clear but by creating a safe place for the women and children to reside in whilst the solutions are created is the first step which must be taken.


Thus, the creation of Sakeenah Homes was imminent. We sought to fulfill a need in our communities by providing safe homes for Muslim women and children to reside in whilst caseworkers help them with their cases. Sakeenah Homes provides a holistic approach to ensuring that the women and children who reside in the homes will be safe and healthy whilst their cases are being dealt with.

Additionally, keeping in mind that many times, women and children have family or friends to reside with after leaving an abusive situation, it was important for us to begin remote casework. Remote casework is where clients do not have to live in the shelter setting but can still work with caseworkers for referrals, getting secure housing, and receive counselling services.


"I was always scared to live in a shelter so when Sakeenah Homes told me I could continue living with my cousin but also get the help I needed, I cried from being so happy.”

— Maryam Suleiman